Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hey It's Me and a New Beginning!'s been almost two years since I have put anything out into the great void we call the Web. (Ok, so I've written articles which have been printed and online, but nothing random/silly/etc which was of my own volition.) 

And since it has been so long, I decided I would create a new blog. Don't get me wrong...I doubt that my voice or writing-style will have changed much (if any) during this reprieve. But somehow a fresh start felt necessary. 

Now...I don't mean to be cliché, beginning on January 1 and all, but it’s just what it is. To be fair, I have been considering it for quite some time, but haven’t had/made the time to begin it before now. 

Plus I had been ruminating on a name for a while...I wanted a nod to the past but a nod to the future. But more on that in a moment.

And though I H.A.T.E. resolutions, I have resolved to post once a week on this blog.

I think my issue in the past was that I put the pressure on myself (God only knows why…b/c that’s how He made me, and I don’t understand it so I would be hard-pressed to explain it to you) to crank out a post a day. That’s a lot of words spewed onto “paper”. A lot.

So when I couldn’t keep up with it (due to caring for a medically-fragile infant and homeschooling two middle-schoolers), I didn’t just cut back.

I quit.

I totally walked away. I didn’t even acknowledge that I wasn’t doing it anymore.

And once I’d quit, I had a really difficult time getting back on that horse. But I missed it terribly. Just the whole creative spirit of it. The working on it, and re-working it and trying to get the words to flow together just so.

Plus, I am CERTAIN so many of you were hanging on my every word. (Ok, that’s probably not the case, but let’s just allow me to keep up the mental façade I’ve got going, m-kay?)

So even if no one reads this blog, I am still choosing to put it out there on the chance it will accomplish one (or more) of the following…to entertain, to educate (I hope…dare I be so bold in presuming I have something to teach anyone?) and (*gasp*) convict (b/c I WILL be talking some about foster care and adoption. I’m sure that’s a shock!) And to prove to myself that I can do this and I will do this...but if I don’t, the earth will not stop spinning on it’s axis (does everyone know it does that? If not, I have just educated someone…yay me!)

But bottom line, I will be fostering (hence the blog name…see what I did there? No, not just a clever name b/c I am a foster care advocate; this technique is called a double-entendre…look at me teaching so much already. Perhaps I under-estimated myself and my educational abilities...) the woman I feel God has meant me to be: a writer, a sharer, a story-teller, a friend, a listener, a prayer-warrior and lots of other hopefully-funny, silly, and crazy things.

So with that: here I am. Find me in THIS blog from now on. Hopefully once a week. Maybe more, but let’s not set the bar too high, shall we? Thank you for joining me (or rejoining, as it applies to some) on this journey.

And Happy New Year!

PS My former blog is still out there, hanging out in it's former glory if anyone has a desire to slog through any (or all...b/c I know you've got that kind of time) of it. If you need the link, here you go!